Late last year we decided we were going to stop using chemicals in our home. A big part of what we were using them for was cleaning. We’d dabbled in the past by purchasing the ‘low tox’ varieties from the supermarket here and there but we wanted to go all in this time. I started researching the basic ingredients you need for a clean home without chemicals, that way we could make our own from scratch.

In the past I’d wondered if it was worth the effort. Did homemade cleaning products actually work? And what ingredients did you actually need?

After some research, we decided we’d start with a few basic recipes and build our collection from there.

We had a chat to our cleaner Kate and asked if she would be open to trying and testing them for us too. She’s very particular so we thought if they passed her test and they stood up to the chemicals she was used to using, we were onto something, and voila! They did.

Cleaning products we made

// A multi-purpose spray that doubled as glass cleaner and could be used on all hard surfaces such as tiles, benches, glass and stainless steel.

// A Jif replacement with some grit to clean sinks, baths and surfaces that needed some extra elbow grease and shine.

// A mould remover for the shower. Honestly this one I was most dubious about because I’d heard people try different recipes in the past with varying degrees of success.

Interestingly, we actually had all of the ingredients to make these 3 at home already.

4 basic ingredients you need for a clean home without chemicals

// White vingear

// Bicarb soda

// Ground salt

// Essential oils (such as lemon, wild orange, clove, eucalyptus and tea tree)

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That’s it. So simple. Come over to this post to get the recipes. These are some we’ve tried and tested. They work a treat and smell SO good!

To ensure you’re getting the full anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits from your cleaning products, the quality of the Essential Oils you use is important. Not all oils are created equally and many of the varieties you buy in store are watered down with cheap filler ingredients so  be sure to always read the label before handing over your cash.

If you would like to learn more about the high quality, healing doTERRA essential oils we personally use and love plus how you can purchase them, visit this page or come along to one of our Essential Oil classes here. I’d love to support you in transitioning to a toxin free way of life.