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Born with big dreams in her heart and wind swept hair

Hi, I’m Tegan. You can call me Tegs if you like.
Growing up in the country, I’ve always had an affinity with nature.
 I spent my childhood running barefoot through the small town we lived with my friends, building cubby houses among the trees and picking blackberries straight from the bush.
 Purple juices would run down our chins, threatening to stain our clothes.
In summer, after school it was always a race to see who could get home, changed and down to the waterfront first  on those sweltering hot 30+ degree summer days.
We’d run and jump from the jetty into the cool refreshing water until it was too dark to see, then make our way home, back up the hill and do it all again the next day.
We’d soothe our sunburn with aloe vera pinched from the neighbours garden, the gel soothing our red sun blistered skin

Life was simple back then. We were mini adventurers running wild and free

Big bunches of freshly picked herbs from mums vegie patch  – usually  basil, parsley and chives would stand spotted along the kitchen bench ready to be thrown in with meals depending on the day and what was bubbling away on the stove.

Always wholesome goodness.

Nourishment from the inside out.

Fast forward to my early 20’s when I enrolled to study nutrition and western herbal medicine, fascinated by nature – always wanting to learn more. I’d put a few dots of peppermint essential oil onto my temples to calm my tense mind while pouring over text books late into the night.
Intrigued by the intrinsic healing properties of plants and their powerful medicinal constituents, testing them therapeutically was a natural progression and my passion for sharing what I learned soon grew from there.
Maybe  its the Earth sign within me – i’m a Taurean through and through but the desire to draw on the healing power of mama nature by seeking out natural cures has always rung true.
And so, when I was introduced to the high vibe healing essential oily elixirs that I advocate and personally use today, I took it as an opportunity to share them with you too.
And that brings us here today.
I update these pages occasionally but you’ll most often find me over on Instagram sharing the many ways I love to use doTERRA essential oils in life and around the home.
You’ll find me @ _essential_elixirs.
I’d love to connect with you.
Until soon,
Tegs x
Essential oil alchemist & doTERRA leader
Your body holds innate wisdom. Trust in it, learn from it, nourish it and watch your life transform as you do.